Michael Mowbray on Getting the Speedlight Right!

Michael Mowbray on Getting the Speedlight Right!

Michael Mowbray on The PhotoTellers podcast
Michael Mowbray

Michael Mowbray

Hang on for a full conversation with Mr. Michael Mowbray, aka, “The Speedlight Guy.” Maybe you’re like me, and not one who uses speedlights–will this conversation be any good to you? Here is what you can expect:

  • Why is Michael a “generalist Photographer?” Why doesn’t he follow conventional wisdom and specialize?
  • What’s so great about being a Portrait Photographer?
  • Michael says that his job is to “make someone look better than they think they do.” SPECIFICALLY, how does he do it?
  • Is the speedlight important even in great ambient light?
  • What problems are solved with a speedlight outdoors?
  • Learn about the tragic, unforgiving disease known as FlatButt-itis. Do you suffer? Learn the symptoms here.
  • How are Photogs using the speedlight poorly? Hear Michael’s 1 tip to IMMEDIATELY make your images better.
  • With all of the hype around High Speed Sync . . . does it really matter? When? Why?
  • Learn Michael’s 1 tip for a better client experience; how he stays engaged with his client, not his gear.

If you’d like to what Michael is doing to serve other Photographers, including a look at the 36″ Gomo Box he mentions, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to see the work he’s creating, simply CLICK HERE.


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