A New Way To Think About Life Balance

Life Balance

In today’s episode I’m introducing a simple and new way to think about life balance. It’s called “The Body Vehicle” and in the episode I’m breaking down exactly what the Body Vehicle is, what it reveals about life balance, and how you can apply it to your own life.

This concept of The Body Vehicle is not of my own creation. I learned it through the YourDay Balance Game (a health and fitness game governed by love and balance). Since balance is in the title of the YourDay Balance Game, you can believe that achieving a work-life balance is part of the makeup! The Body Vehicle is actually just one of many different ways I’ve learned to conceptualize and approach life balance through the YDBG, and I’ll be covering a few more of those ways in future episodes.

But today I’m focusing on the Body Vehicle.

Here’s a thought for you to chew on: if your body were a car on the road of Life, how smooth is your ride? To take it a step further, if your car had 5 wheels on it (Spiritual, Mental, Social, Emotional and Physical) and the smoothness of your ride was determined by how inflated or deflated those tires were, what does your ride feel like now?

Are you riding through life with a few under-inflated tires?

Is your ride bumpy because you’ve over-inflated some of your wheels, and maybe don’t even have certain wheels at all?

I’m going to break down this helpful analogy further in the episode, explain to you each of the 5 wheels and how they interact, and give you a few things to chew on that will help you evaluate just how smooth or bumpy your ride through life is on your Body Vehicle.


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