Photographer Eric Pickersgill on His No Show Project

Photographer Eric Pickersgill on His No Show Project

Take a fake event created on Facebook, add in a very real location with real attendees, then drop Eric Pickersgill and an large format camera in the mix. What do you have? It’s Eric’s newest project, NO SHOW.

You may have heard of Eric from his previous project, REMOVED. It quickly went viral, led him to the TEDx stage, and international exhibits. In case you missed it, he was also a guest on The PhotoTellers last year.

“I like to make things that make people think, and make them question their use of Photography.” -Eric Pickersgill

What can you expect from this conversation with Eric?

  • What did he learn from a project that went viral, then a TEDx talk?
  • The value of a photo agent & curator of your work
  • How success can cripple your next project–and how to move forward
  • When he arrived at the fake events, how did people respond when they realized the truth?
  • Eric’s worked with people who created fake events. What do they believe about themselves? Why did they do it?
  • Impact of fake events on the real locations
  • How does Eric decide what ideas to pursue?
  • Hear the teaser for Eric’s next project

Click the links above to see Eric’s projects, or connect with him on FACEBOOK or on INSTAGRAM.

And you hear Eric rave about his Agent & Curator Julie Grahame. If you’ve wondered what someone like her could do for your career, contact her!!! She’s offered a generous 20% off special for listeners of The PhotoTellers, so be sure to tell her you are one!

Her website:

Her email:

And you can get to know her and her work by (you guessed it!) listening to her conversation previously published on this very show.

Finally, hear Eric’s response when I ask him about the legacy he wants to leave for his new son:

“I’m hoping that he sees that my projects are an extension of the way I see the world, and what I really care about is connectivity and compassion and kindness, and people seeing each other and hearing each other. Learning how to listen. The social media world all about telling everything, and I think it is so much more important to just hear people.

“So I’m hoping that he looks back and says, ‘My Dad was a sensitive artist who wanted to make the world a better place.’ And maybe I was kind of obsessively curious about everything . . . . I hope that he finds it to be worth looking at.”




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