Paul Colaianni – The Consequences of Being Authentic and Transparent

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Paul Colaianni has not always led an authentic life.

Experiences as a child taught him that authenticity and self expression were detrimental to his health and the health of those around him, so he bottled them. The result was a life of unsteady relationships, frustration, and disillusionment. It wasn’t until going through another ended relationship, that Paul reached an emotional, mental and spiritual breaking point, when sent him on a 10 year journey to study and self examination.

Today, Paul is a self empowerment coach who uses his life experiences and the insights he’s picked up along the way, to coach others through their challenges and help them reach their goals.

In this episode, Paul shares what he’s learned through a life of exploring what living authentically means to him, and he gets personal with me and he talks about his experience of growing up in an alcoholic home, destroying relationships with judgement and fear, and going through life not being his true authentic self.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs
  • How we heal from traumas
  • The intended and unintended consequences of living more authentically

Powerful Quotes:

As soon as you start revealing more and more about yourself, you have less and less to hide.

If you were prepared you would never have a breakthrough. Breakdown leads to breakthrough.

Whatever shame, guilt, embarrassment or anything that you feel bad about that you’re afraid to share with the world, at least share it with one person that you feel safe with. Or be BOLD.

The more vulnerable, open and honest you are during anything that comes up, if they stick around after that then you really have someone special.

Notes From This Episode:


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