Peter Hurley on the Marriage of Psychology & Photography: PSYPHOTOLOGY

Peter Hurley on the Marriage of Psychology & Photography: PSYPHOTOLOGY

“What the camera does, is that it peels off layers. You can’t run from the way you feel about yourself in front of a camera.” -Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is the founder of the world’s largest community of headshot Photographers. He’s created tens of thousands of headshots himself.

And now he’s teamed up with Psychologist Anna Rowley to help people see & celebrate themselves as who they ARE (not what they DO). The hybrid of Psychology and Photography is PSYPHOTOLOGY. It’s powerful for the client, but what about the Photographer? Discover what Peter learned about authenticity . . . and the real value of “I-thenticity.”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Have you ever felt like a “therapist” for your client during a session? Do you see a different side of people when you point the camera? If so, this is a conversation that you need to hear.

Listen in and learn:

  • The value of your clients not being able to think about the camera
  • The 4 groups of people who get in front of the camera
  • How does the camera help the Photographer better understand people?
  • Peter’s own discovery of being authentic to himself, and thereby better serving his clients.
  • The importance of authenticity–and the birth of “I-thenticity.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, CLICK HERE to see the TEDx talk that Peter and Anna delivered about Psyphotology.

And would you like to know what kind of person you are in front of the camera? CLICK HERE to take the (free) online assessment.

And you’d like a few resources for your own headshot photography. Simple! Find Peter’s book on Amazon below, and check out the Headshot Crew HERE.

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