Need Clients? How to Get Your Phone to Ring

Need Clients? How to Get Your Phone to Ring

Phone Marketing

Is your business appointment-driven? Do you wonder how to fill your calendar with clients? On today’s episode of The PhotoTellers, host Bill Ramsey shares the specific strategy that has fueled his business for 10 years. Phone Marketing is actually much easier than you think.

What can you expect from this episode?

  • Hear how his phone strategy was born from desperation
  • How is the use of the phone a great way to honor your best clients?
  • Answers to your objections about using the phone
  • Creating demand, call to action, and the phone strategy

And if you stick around for the second part of today’s show, you’ll hear the new personal developments in Bill’s life. You’ll also hear HOW you can support your favorite podcasts (no money involved), and WHY a simple share makes a big difference.


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