Photographer: 20 Minutes Per Day for Productivity, Mood, and Creativity.

Photographer: 20 Minutes Per Day for Productivity, Mood, and Creativity.

Photographer: Is it possible to serve your clients, save a life, and better yourself in one fell swoop? As a matter of fact, YES!

We all want to be more productive. We all want to be more creative. We all want to better the lives around us. Today’s conversation with Deanna Duncan explains how we can. It’s easier than you think. While the beginning of the conversation talks specifically about a 5K, the end speaks to ANYONE, in any line of work, who wants to improve mood, creativity, and productivity.

Physically or virtually, you need to be in Atlanta, GA, Sunday, Jan 10th, 2016, at 7:00am. Why? It’s Super Heroes for Smiles Run, a 5K brought to you by PPA Charities. Hopefully you’ll be here anyway for Imaging USA, the largest annual convention and expo organized by pro Photographers, for Pro Photographers! Your participation in the Race (or WALK, if you’re like me) will help fund the work of OPERATION SMILE and also DONDO AMOR.

A few items from the conversation:

  • You don’t have to be a runner to participate. You can be a Walker (for which Atlanta is famous, but that’s another subject). Heck! You can actually participate from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Contact me and your lovely face will walk with ME!
  • We need your shoes. Literally, not figuratively. Your used shoes can radically alter the course of a kid’s life!
  • Register for the race before December 19th, 2015, and you’ll get the early bird discount. How much, you ask? Less than the cost of a movie ticket, popcorn, & Coke. Click the link below to register.
  • Only $240 can LITERALLY save a child’s life!
  • Find your motivation to get yourself moving–“Purpose breeds passion!”
  • “Movement breeds creativity.”

Learn more about the Super Heroes for Smiles 5K by clicking HERE.

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