Photographer: Be the “Mascot” of Your Own Brand! Branding-Brilliance from Ashley Brooke

Photographer: Be the “Mascot” of Your Own Brand! Branding-Brilliance from Ashley Brooke

“I started out with zero dollars . . . so how can I sell a product that no one knows about?” -Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke

Does that scenario sound familiar? If so, today’s conversation on The PhotoTellers is just for you! WARNING: This is a conversation that you’ll want to hear more than once. Grab a pen and paper before it begins! I encourage you to share this episode with any and every small business owner you know.

A platform speaker at Imaging USA 2016, Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs managed to spare a few moments for this conversation.

In only a few short years, she’s created a lifestyle brand around herself . . . and her clients include Reese Witherspoon, and the most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

Though not a Photographer herself, she’s grown up in the Photo industry. You’ll hear how Ashley specifically caters her advice to we who work in Photography. A few teasers from today’s episode:

  • How and why should you become the “mascot” of your own personal brand? How does this help you “sell” without “selling?”
  • Have trouble seeing yourself as a brand? Be Beyonce!
  • Learn the disconnect Photographers face between their work and the work they show on social media.
  • Why is the story of what you do as important as the work itself?
  • What does it mean to make all social media posts “website worthy?”
  • Why should the Photographer include “behind the scenes” photos on social media?

Wanna learn more about Ashley Brooke? No problem:

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We talk about the brilliant Photographers who also happen to be her parents: Greg and Lesa Daniel (two of my favorite people in the portrait world). In case you missed their conversations here on The PhotoTellers:

And check below for a few of the resources Ashley mentions!


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