Photographer: Is Your Time “Good, Better, or Best?” Jared Platt Wants to Help

Photographer: Is Your Time “Good, Better, or Best?” Jared Platt Wants to Help

“Hate” is a strong word; the word your mother told you not to use. So here I go: Jared Platt HATES to see Photographers needlessly squandering time. HATES it.

Are you using your time for worst, good, better, or best? How can you work in the “best?” Jared has a word for you today!

He’s a wedding & lifestyle photographer himself, and he now spends a great deal of time teaching. [Hint: He’s not a teacher-by-default. Listen in on his educational pedigree.]

Some of the highlights of my conversation with Jared at Imaging USA 2016:

  • The power of Photography as an artform. “We are professional liars.”
  • How is he teaching Photogs how to get their work done–faster?
  • Why he doesn’t believe that family portraits belong at a wedding.
  • What is lifestyle photography? How is this not like traditional portrait photography?
  • The opposite idea of “culling” photos–not rejecting the worst, but PICKING the best!
  • Common pitfalls Photographers make. The systemic problem in our industry.

“The desire for Photographers to do everything themselves is a really bad idea.” -Jared Platt

How can you learn more, and take advantage of the resources Jared Platt has to offer? Simple! CLICK HERE.

What about the other resources he mentions? Here you go . . .

CREATIVE LIVE          |           ZACH GRAY’S RESOURCES          |           SHOOT.DOT.EDIT

Just in case you missed the previous PhotoTellers conversation with Zach Gray (who patiently endured our abuse during this conversation):

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