Photographer: Paint with Light and Paint Yourself an Innovator!

Photographer: Paint with Light and Paint Yourself an Innovator!

If you’re a student of Photography history, or a child of the “film days,” you’re already arguing with the title of this post. I can hear you now:  “Light Painting is HARDLY new, nor INNOVATIVE!”

True. But let me ask you: Do YOU know anyone who is creating work by light painting?

I do–his name is John Hartman, and he’s today’s guest on The PhotoTellers. By most Photographers, John is known as one of the marketing gurus. Ironic, then, that his conversation delved into the work he’s doing as a light painter–work that has required minimal marketing for him to secure several lucrative jobs.

John is 42 years into his Photography career. Tune in to learn why he says:

  • “I’ve never IN MY LIFE had more fun taking pictures than I am right now!”
  • “Thank goodness it’s Monday!”
  • “You stay alive through innovation.”
  • “There’s really NO COMPARISON.” [between the finished product of a light painted image and traditional capture.]

You’ll also learn how light painting is so different than 30 years ago, and the big advantage of growing up a film Photographer. He also shares his advice for getting into light painting, then ends with a brilliant piece of advice from his grandmother.

AND BE CERTAIN to look through John’s gallery at the bottom of this post! You’ll see some dramatic examples of before and after images!

Find John’s work as a Senior Portrait Photographer HERE, and find the work he does to serve other Photographers HERE. And if you’d like an in-depth class to help you know how to Photograph, Market, and Sell Light Painting . . . John will be teaching that very class at the Texas School of Professional Photography, 2016. (Click the logo below.)

John mentions the influence of HAROLD ROSS. You can find Harold’s blog, including free tutorials, by clicking HERE. Look for The PhotoTellers conversation with Harold in the next several weeks.

Last but not least, ERIC CURRY. This is the author that John mentions. If you’d like to explore light painting, find Eric’s book on Amazon. You can find the pricier version in paperback, or the less-costly digital version. Don’t have a Kindle? Me neither. But I DO have the free Kindle App that allows me to read Kindle works on my other devices. Amazon gladly walks you through the steps of downloading the App.



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