Photographer: Set Yourself Apart with the Right Background

Photographer: Set Yourself Apart with the Right Background

It seems that portrait Photographers are neglecting a simple tool to differentiate themselves from a flood of competition. Sometimes, the most obvious solutions are those most often ignored.

Remember when portraits were almost exclusively shot indoors, in front of a custom-painted background? When is the last time that YOU created one of these? How often do you see other Photographers shooting this style?

Maybe that’s all it takes to set yourself apart from everyone else. Along with the uniqueness of an in-studio background, you’re also able to showcase your lighting skills.

David Maheu of Backgrounds by Maheu is here to help. He sat down with me at the Texas School of Professional Photography for a quick conversation about the work he’s doing to serve Photographers. Listen in today and learn:

  • How a background helps differentiate a hobbyist from a pro
  • The history of “painted” backgrounds in photography (they weren’t painted)
  • How a Photographer can use a background to influence the mood of his/her work

Notice a few of David’s backgrounds in the slideshow below, and see MANY more by finding his website HERE. While there, you’ll discover how you can save 10% on several of his products.

David Maheu

Thanks, David, for being a guest on The PhotoTellers, and thanks to Texas School for sponsoring this episode! Find out more about the school, including the STELLAR line up of instructors, by clicking the logo below.


And if you’d like to explore HOW to create amazing work on a background, few people know better than Tim Walden! PRE-ORDER his book on Amazon NOW!


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