Ralph Romaguera on Photographic Trends and His Legacy

Ralph Romaguera on Photographic Trends and His Legacy

He is RALPH ROMAGUERA. After learning Photography in the Navy, now 47 years in business, after visiting numerous countries, after a year of Presidency of the PPA, after decades of learning from icons (and a few decades of teaching others) . . . Ralph has seen more than a few trends in the Photography. What trends does he love? What trend is a love/hate relationship?

When Ralph’s career is over, and we look back on his influence, what legacy does he want to leave? HINT: It’s only 5 words.

Today’s episode of The PhotoTellers again features Ralph. If you heard his previous conversation here, you’ll recognize the distinct Louisiana accent. You’ll also remember the distinctly laid-back, insightful glimpse into the industry.

“If you learn something new everyday, think how smart you’ll be at 100.” -Momma Romaguera

You’ll also hear Ralph discuss the niche that has made him a comfortable income. It’s a niche that he’s proud to serve, and he’s noticed other Photographers recently catching on to an old trend. The clip below is an excerpt that I especially enjoyed.


BILL: You mention you’re school photographer–when you say that I see your chest puff out a little bit–you say that with real pride. There are some who I would assume look down their nose and think: “School photography: that’s not ‘highbrow,’ ‘that’s not important.'” How do you respond to that? Have you experienced that kind of attitude among other Photographers?

RALPH: Yes! And it’s really kind of funny, speaking of changes. There was a day where people would snub their nose, you know. But I’ve photographed Presidents, I’ve photographed personalities–but I also like to eat. And I like nice things.”


Before our conversation ends, Ralph talks about his involvement with Operation Smile. Had you been there in person, you’d have seen his eyes mist over as he talked about the love he and his beautiful bride, Cindy, have poured into Operation Smile via PPA Charities. If I told you that “240 dollars could LITERALLY save the life of a child,” you’d think me exaggerating. But it’s true!

If you’d like to see some of the work that Ralph Romaguera is creating, find it by CLICKING HERE.

And you twice hear Ralph mention the iconic Frank Cricchio. He’s oft-been called “the Master’s Master.” I’m honored to say that Frank was a guest on the show last year! FIND IT HERE.

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