Russ Harrington: How To Photograph Nashville’s Top Musicians

Russ Harrington: How To Photograph Nashville’s Top Musicians

For 25+ years, Russ Harrington of Nashville, Tennessee, has been the go-to Photographer for Country Music’s biggest stars.

A typical session for Russ:

He has a narrow window of time to photograph one of the world’s most famous personalities. During that window, he has to account for the production of sets with Prop Dept/Assistants/Producers/Management/Talent/Makeup/Wardrobe/B-Roll Folks/Location Scouts/Catering and the CLOCK! He’s in charge of directing the subject, and all of the supporting staff on set.

His work will be seen all over the world, and he must create enough variety for the artist to use in album covers, promotional materials, merch items, social media and press releases—for the next 18 months!

Does this sound like the job for you? Tune in and you’ll hear Russ explain:

  • The 2 best pieces of advice he received to advance his career
  • One of his favorite images, the assistant who fell-out during the shoot, and the super-stylish Kirk Franklin
  • The Photographer’s source for inspiration–right at your fingertips!
  • Advice for the Photographer who wants his job
  • How to direct a celebrity

For the first time in his career, Russ is sharing his tips, tricks, & how-to with other Photographers! Find him teaching at Texas School 2016, and follow Russ online as he announces times and locations for his workshops.

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