Russ Talks #3: How Does Loretta Lynn Become Your Client?

Russ Talks #3: How Does Loretta Lynn Become Your Client?

Welcome to Russ Talks #3, and Bill’s botched intro to the show! Today you’ll hear WHY Russ Harrington has seen so many of his clients return again and again and again. You’ll also learn the key person who connected him to the iconic Loretta Lynn! You might even hear references to Annie Leibovitz & Nicole Kidman. What else?

  • The Photographers that Russ admires
  • How to discover the work you love
  • How to access the work of the world’s greatest Photographers for $20 per year
  • What would you find in Russ’ closet? It’s not as exciting as you’d think
  • Russ & Bill’s favorite magazines to follow for Photography
  • When Nicole Kidman comes to your studio, with one of your Photography heroes
  • Working with Loretta Lynn, and the person who made that happen
  • Assembling a team of persons to show off the work you want to do–who are they? How can you afford it?
  • Who would Russ have loved to photograph?
  • Advice to the Photographer who has a team of people watching them. How to direct the entire “carnival.” HINT: It comes down to 2 words: “Customer ________.”
  • The “joke” that Russ will NEVER find funny, and to NEVER do in front of a client.
  • What to expect when you attend one of Russ’ workshops

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russ-talks-logoAnd I mentioned the Southern Living Photographer–find that conversation HERE.

And also links to the magazines that Russ & Bill discuss:

Texas School of Professional Photography

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