Russ Talks #6: Customer Service Tips for Photographers

Russ Talks #6: Customer Service Tips for Photographers

Episode #6 of Russ Talks finds Russ Harrington back in Chattanooga, TN, to discuss the lost art of Customer Service. If you’ve listened to his other episodes, you’ve heard Russ mention it several times. This time Russ dives into some specifics . . . including the food that Reba requests for her day at the studio.

And if you haven’t yet heard, Russ will be teaching this year at THE TEXAS SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY! Block off the dates on your calendar now–APRIL 24-29, 2016. Registration opens at PRECISELY 11:00 pm Central Time, January 3, 2016. Be ready to register at that very moment, before the class fills up.

And how about you take a walk with Russ, Bill, Mike Hanline of WHCC, and a group of other walkers this January? PPA Charities is hosting the Super Heroes for Smiles 5K, January 10, 2016, in lovely downtown Atlanta, GA. Register for your place in the “race” (a “race” for others . . . we’ll be walking) and your entry supports the work of Operation Smile and also Dando Amor. And if you’re not going to be in Atlanta for Imaging USA (and the 5K), you can still be a virtual runner! Click HERE to learn more.

Speaking of Customer Service: You hear me mention the interview with Tim & Bev Walden–find those episodes HERE and HERE.

How about the Behind-the-Scenes book that Russ has just published? Or how do you get Russ to your studio for a day?! Click the logo below.


Finally–have you wondered about the band that sings Russ’ really cool intro and outro? They’re The Crevulators. Click HERE to hear more of their work.

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