Russ Talks #7: Brian Setzer; Finding Photo Locations

Russ Talks #7: Brian Setzer; Finding Photo Locations

PHOTOGRAPHER: Do you struggle finding GREAT locations for your sessions? Do you wish that you could take ONE location and turn it into MANY different scenes? If so, Mr. Russ Harrington shares his “big secret” for transforming an ordinary location into something with real variety. HINT: It’s simple & insanely inexpensive.

Today you’ll learn how to be a location scout.

Along the way, you’ll hear about the session with Brian Setzer & Gretsch Guitars . . . and one of Russ’ favorite locations ever!

And you’ll hear how Russ uses his assistant and a smart phone to create the final product.

Where can you find this shockingly simple background idea for your sessions? CLICK HERE.

And you hear Russ brag about WHITE HOUSE CUSTOM COLOR. Click the link to check them out, and if you’re new–snag a few free 8×10’s.

And since it’s gift-giving time, the guitar-lover in your life wants you to see a few of the Gretsch guitars:

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