Becoming Series, Episode #1 – Becoming Sean Bagshaw

Becoming Series, Episode #1 – Becoming Sean Bagshaw

If You:

*Study the careers of successful Photographers
*Wish you could follow their footsteps
*Enjoy biographies

Then the BECOMING SERIES is for you!

You know that the PhotoTellers showcases “WHO is doing WHAT in the world of Photography.” The Becoming Series specifically asks HOW. Every career is served/cajoled/disrupted by key moments, decisions, mistakes, mentors, resources . . . all elements along the road of BECOMING successful.

Have you admired the career of a Photographer, and wondered HOW he/she built it? Me, too. Listen over my shoulder as I ask.

I’ll publish a BECOMING interview every month. When I sat down to scribble a list of names for the series, Sean Bagshaw hit the top of the list. For those of you who don’t know Sean, it’s a real honor to introduce him.

If you want to see ASTOUNDING landscape work, Sean is the guy to follow. He also happens to be a heckuva nice guy, and devotes extensive time providing free resources for Photogs looking to improve their work. Be sure that you click the links at the bottom of this post. [Do you know about Photo Cascadia? If not, you do now. You’re welcome.]

Find out why Sean says,

My biggest mistake was starting a business.Tweet: Sean Bagshaw

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