SHHH! Sneak Preview of Face the H!

SHHH! Sneak Preview of Face the H!

Are you too smart for an 11 year old?

Here is a sneak peek at the Fireside Network’s third show: Face the H.

11 year old H wants to know what you do for a living. It’s part of a larger mission–to vanquish meaningless business-speak. Forget your business buzzwords, check your ego at the door, and spend 2 minutes explaining your job to H & his intimidating mohawk. Those 120 seconds will reveal to you how well you can explain your work to others.

Dr. Keith Kantor of Service Foods bravely volunteered to be H’s first victim guest. Listen in to hear Keith’s elevator pitch, and judge for yourself how well he fared against the H. If you want to hear the rest of the conversation, including H’s interpretation of the 2 minutes, stay tuned!

Tune in for the official launch of Face the H on Tuesday, June 23rd! There you’ll hear:

  • The rest of the conversation between Dr. Keith and H
  • H’s explanation of his own show
  • A Business Coach talks with H

Follow H’s exploits by signing up for his email newsletter on the site, and subscribing to his YouTube channel! Share the word with your friends, remembering the 2 key hashtags:

  • #FacetheH
  • #fearthehawk

And learn more about the work of Dr. Kantor and Service Foods by clicking HERE!

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