Simple A/B Tests Any Online Small Business Owner Can Get Started With – Part 1

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Super Simple AB Testing The Digital Marketing Guy Podcast

Pssst! Want to hear a secret about online marketing success that the pros aren’t telling you?

It’s that they use A/B Testing to constantly improve their websites and online marketing, and that incremental improvement has gotten them to where they are today!

A/B Testing is not some complex marketing concept that can only be performed by marketing jedi with years of training and experience. A/B testing is a lot more simple than you may be thinking, and can have significant impact on your website’s performance and your business’s bottom line!

What you’ll hear in today’s episode:

  • An answer to a listener question about A/B testing
  • What A/B testing is and why it’s important for all online businesses
  • A list of elements that you can easily A/B test yourself

Notes from the episode:

A/B Testing Graphic For The Digital Marketing Guy Podcast

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