“The fireside is where we connect beyond the casual, how-do-you-do.  The fireside is where we gather with the people we love.  The fireside is where we hear stories.  These are the stories that help us to understand each other.  They tell us more about who we are. They make sense of our history. They inspire us to be our best selves.  They soothe our fears.  And they make us laugh, even years later when we retell those same stories around another fireside. The fireside is where everyone gathers around, listens more but also has their turn to speak.  What is the fireside? Ultimately, it’s where we connect.  Welcome to The Fireside Network.”

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Family 2012

Business-owner by day, BILL RAMSEY’S secret identity is Hunter/Gatherer of Stories. His curiosity has led him through pursuits in Ministry, Photography, Writing, Speaking, and Salesmanship. Along the way, Bill has gleaned an exotic collection of insights from his wildly diverse encounters. Bill lives in Canton, GA, with his first girlfriend/wife of 15 years, and 3 entrepreneurial kids. He brushes his hair with a safety razor. He listens more than he talks.