How To Stay Focused In Life To Achieve Results

How To Stay Focused In Life To Achieve Results

In today’s episode I’m sharing tips on how to focus your life to achieve results.

I recently took part in a peak performance, work efficiency challenge that lasted 2 weeks, called Ultraworking Pentathlon. It was a really interesting event and I walked away with some new tools and knowledge that I’ve been using ever since to help me stay focused with my work.

The event really sparked for me a curiosity into the how and why behind focus for myself, which led to the recording of this episode.

If you’re like me then you know the feeling of “shiny ball syndrome”. That’s where you have a tendency to become easily distracted by circumstances outside of what you should be focusing on. It can happen with just about anything that you’re trying to focus on, it’s not specific to work.

My shiny balls tend to be my phone, email, and Facebook. It seems that when I need to focus most, those things are screaming loudest for my attention.

Failing to remain focused on a task has huge consequences, the biggest of which is probably failing to complete the task. But for me, it runs deeper. There’s this voice that says “You aren’t qualified for this” and it gets louder each time I find myself drifting towards the tiny ball. There’s another voice that says “You really don’t know what you’re doing, you should just give up”, and it too gains strength as I become distracted.

So for me, conquering the shiny ball syndrome and learning techniques for focus go beyond productivity.

In this episode I’m going to share with you some concrete tips for being focused in work and life, and give you information about the really cool peak performance challenge that I recently completed.

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