Steve Kozak: What Your Camera Expects from You

Steve Kozak: What Your Camera Expects from You

You have high expectations for your camera. What should your camera expect from you? Today’s conversation features Steve Kozak discussing the relationship between Camera, Photographer, and the impact of brilliant camera technology (and a sidenote of WHY the manufacturers even include a “Program” mode). For the owner of a nice camera who isn’t getting the results he wants, today’s discussion is for you!

If you’re looking for another accomplished Photographer to beat you up, tell you how little you know about your equipment . . . I’m sorry . . . but this isn’t the Droid you’re looking for. If you’d like a shot of inspiration for what you CAN be doing with your gear–this is it.

And speaking of inspiration: Hear the story of the image below, the terrible circumstances leading up to the shot, and the blessing of the “photography gods” upon this moment. It’s one of Steve’s fondest memories from his career. Landscape photographers will especially appreciate the story.

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"Rainbow Over the Mittens" by Steve Kozak

“Rainbow Over the Mittens” by Steve Kozak

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