Stop Taking Pictures. Create Portrait Art. Here’s How (part 1).

Stop Taking Pictures. Create Portrait Art. Here’s How (part 1).

Are you “taking pictures” of people, or are you creating “portrait art?”

Is there an actual difference, or is it just a matter of semantics & engaging wordplay? And if there IS a difference, how does it affect the value–and price tag–of a Photographer’s work?

Today’s conversation is part 1 of my talk with Mr. Don MacGregor. Don is the guy who was photographing weddings at 16 years old. His Grandma had to drive him to the venue, then drop him a few blocks away so that the crowd wouldn’t know. Now, 40+ years later, Don rarely photographs weddings. Instead, he loves his work in the “most rewarding and lucrative type of photography.” What type of photography is it? You’ll soon hear.

Before my talk with Don, I’d already scribbled an entire page of notes & questions. The guy has a tremendous wealth of knowledge that he’s generous to share, so make sure you tune into the 2nd half of his conversation.

Aside from the distinction between “taking pictures” and “portrait art,” Don also unearths:

  • 3 elements for a 3 dimensional portrait
  • an explanation of this hybrid of portrait & landscape photography–Environmental Portraiture
  • 3 key elements to create work that is beyond merely “acceptable”
  • How to walk through a successful consultation with a potential client
  • the necessity of incorporating emotional symbolism into your portraits

Learn more about Don, and see some of his work at



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