Stop Taking “Pictures.” Create Portrait Art. Here’s How. (part 2)

Stop Taking “Pictures.” Create Portrait Art. Here’s How. (part 2)

Highly-anticipated, much-requested, here is the 2nd half of my recent conversation with Mr. Don MacGregor!

If you missed the first half, you missed a rich conversation from a 45-year veteran of the portrait business. Luckily, you can still hear that conversation FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE!

As I teased last time, today’s conversation begins with Don discussing trends in the industry that “drive you crazy. What dragons do you want to slay?” After that, you’ll also hear about the educational opportunity so amazing that even BEARS attend!

  • Do you want to hear me challenge Don on his assertion that the best re-touchers are those who learned in the pre-digital age? It’s here.
  • How about a discussion about the value of online vs. in-person education? Got it.
  • Would you like to know how to more effectively sell your work? Don will provide his own scripts.
  • Did you say you wanted some wisdom from William Branson III, and also Frank Cricchio? Done.
  • Finally, and most importantly–do you want to know one of my favorite varieties of red wine? You’re welcome.

Connect with Don (and request the sales script) by finding him HERE.

If you’d consider studying the craft at one of the coolest locations in North America, find Image Explorations by clicking HERE.



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