Ethan Tweedie on Architectural Photography

Ethan Tweedie on Architectural Photography

The conversation on today’s episode of The PhotoTellers takes us on a wild ride! Thank you, Mr. Ethan Tweedie! If you’re interested in Architectural Photography, or you want to hear an engagement story–you got it! What else?

  • An engagement story where Ethan gives a “rock on a rock;” and my marriage blessing on him
  • It’s “the most difficult photography I’ve ever done . . . . You’re solving problems the entire time.”
  • It’s like “shooting a nuclear reactor outside of a cave.”
  • What does it mean to be “pulling the view?”
  • After only 5 years, Ethan’s work appears in Architectural Digest.
  • What was the hand-scrawled message on a faded wall that profoundly impacted Ethan & his career? He still heeds the advice today.
  • “Be so good, they have to hire you.” How will your craft change if you work as if the world will see your work?

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And special thanks to The Texas School of Professional Photography for this conversation! Click the logo to see what’s in store for 2016.


Ethan Tweedie on The PhotoTellers podcast

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