The Photographer’s Kids have no Shoes with Their Leaky Faucets

The Photographer’s Kids have no Shoes with Their Leaky Faucets

Yes, I’m guilty of the cliche that says “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Or “the plumber always has a leaky faucet.”

It’s truly shameful that many of my portrait clients have more photos of THEIR children than I do of mine.

Today is my firstborn’s 14th birthday. The Hot Chick & I started in Photography when he was 1 year old. For the next 2 years, he’d come to the studio with me. My clients remember the days when he’d waddle into the shootroom, join us on location at a session, oversee me during sales sessions.

“You must have a million photos of him!” they’d say.

Sadly, no.

So this weekend I unrolled the first canvas muslin we ever earned (FREE by turning in boxtops of Fuji 220 & 120 film. Fuji Neopan gave the smoothest B&W mid-tones!). I set up the Photogenics that we bought at the onset of business, and dragged the Big C into a photo session.

Since I’m so stinkin’ proud of this guy, I thought you should also have the opportunity to admire what a stellar dude he is. Happy Birthday, Fungus!

If you don’t mind, kindly leave a Birthday gift for him: Leave a comment below. What is one of the finest pieces of advice you’ve ever received? I’ll be sure to pass it along (since he doesn’t actually read ANY of these blogs).

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