Why The PhotoTellers Podcast?

Why The PhotoTellers Podcast?

I’m Bill Ramsey, and I know how to fail in Photography. Ironically, that’s why The PhotoTellers podcast exists.

I’ve also had a few victories along the way, but it’s really my failure that has birthed the show.

Today is a personal look into my own history in Photography, the bumps along the way, and the reason the show exists. I guess you could say that I started the show for the guy I was 13 years ago.

If you’re a Photographer who is struggling in business, know that you aren’t alone. I hope that today’s episode gives you a sense of hope, and maybe a few tidbits to help.

And if you know someone who needs the encouragement, kindly send them the link/share on social media. And while you’re at it . . . subscribe to the show on iTunes & leave a review. Please and Thank You.

Below you’ll find the link to the book I mention, and also a link to my conversation with Lori Nordstrom. One of the first guests on the show, she also knows the feeling of a business running out of control . . . and her conversation is filled with practical advice!