The Secret to a Photo Business That Provides the Lifestyle You Want

The Secret to a Photo Business That Provides the Lifestyle You Want

Photographer: How can your business earn you the lifestyle you want, without keeping you so busy you can’t enjoy it? Mr. Walter Eagleton joins The PhotoTellers today and relays the one piece of advice that unlocked the secret (thank you, Greg & Lesa Daniel).

You’ll also learn:

  • What surprises people most about his job as a Photographer
  • Advice to be more relational with your clients, less involved with your camera
  • Walter’s encouraging definition of “sales.” If “SELL” is a four-letter word to you, listen in!
  • Practical advice on how to find your ideal client

All this you’ll hear in context of Walter’s newest endeavor:  ARTISTIC GOURMET ADVENTURES! Think: Photography, France, Gourmet Cooking, Private Chateau . . . .

Start your daydream NOW, and see more of Artistic Gourmet Adventures by clicking HERE.

Hear Walter bravely explain “The Art of World Travel, Gourmet Food & Fine Wine” as he sits down to Face the H! CLICK HERE.

And see Walter’s photographic work by clicking HERE.

And on a final, personal note . . .

At the end of the conversation you’ll hear me invite Walter to my home for a fabulous gourmet meal. I’m such a fantastic, thoughtful host, I actually invite guests into my home and then expect them to cook for my family. Be it now unequivocally known that I am the worst host ever. And unashamed.

Walter’s menu for the simple little meal he whipped up–all while training my 13 year old (now 14) as the sous chef:

Dinner at the Ramsey home, compliments of Walter Eagleton

Dinner at the Ramsey home, compliments of Walter Eagleton

Many years ago, Walter made omelets at our home in Arkansas. Since then, my kids have clamored for more. Being the guy he is, Walter graciously awoke early to feed my minions. My 9 year old girl wrote Walter a thank you note, pictured here:

IMG_1943 IMG_1942

So I hereby decree a new hashtag for all friends of Walter–and note Bella’s spelling so you don’t get it right wrong:


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Walter & Kim Eagleton on The PhotoTellers

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