Photographer Harold Ross on Light Painting

Photographer Harold Ross on Light Painting

Harold Ross has spent 25 years in Photography doing work that very few people understand. So it’s forgivable, then, if you’re like me. You look at his work and say, “I don’t understand! How does that image have so much depth & richness?”

Today on The PhotoTellers, you’ll begin to understand. You’ll also hear:

  • What is “light painting/sculpting with light?” Why bother with this technique? Who should consider it?
  • Some benefits of being a light painter
  • What it’s like to work in the illustrious Biltmore Estate, at night, with only 3 other people in the home. Or maybe 4? Does Mr. Vanderbilt still visit?
  • The surprise that Harold receives from his students in EVERY workshop he teaches
  • A brilliant tidbit of advice that asks, ” . . . but can you take a good photo on a Tuesday at 2:30?”

You can see more of Harold’s work by clicking HERE. And snag some of his free educational resources by finding his blog HERE.

Harold mentions Lenswork Magazine. Order your subscription NOW! Harold will be shown in their Nov/Dec issue . . . only the 3rd color issue they’ve ever printed! Click the link below.

Banquet Hall Throne
Banquet Hall Niches


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