The Only Time Your Self Help Practice Matters Is When You’re Asked To Prove It

Today’s episode is all about the rubber meeting the road. I’m talking about the only time when your self help, personal development, self empowerment….whatever you want to call it….practices matter, is when you have to prove it.

We know that talk is cheap. But so too is practice. Practice means nothing if we choke come game day.

You can set intentions all day long, use vision boards to envision what you want to create, affirm yourself 24/7, and journal gratitudes until you get carpal tunnel.

But when you’re presented with a situation or circumstance that offers you the choice between movement forwards vs. movement backwards, what are you going to choose?

That is when all of the practice truly matters. It matters when you have to prove it.

In this episode I share with you a personal example of proving my commitment to myself and my growth, along with other examples that might resonate and drive the point home more powerfully.

Buckle up because it’s getting real in here!


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