Tom Mileshko’s Tips for Commercial Photography Success

Tom Mileshko’s Tips for Commercial Photography Success

Tom Mileshko on The PhotoTellers podcast

Are you striving for success in commercial photography? My friend Tom Mileshko is here to help. For any Photographer who wants to grow a business helping other businesses look their best, today’s conversation on The PhotoTellers is intensely practical.

He’s worked at the coldest Army base in the world, photographed weddings, and now Tom leads a group of photo and video experts. His clients range from the local business person to Chick-Fil-A.

What can you expect to hear from Tom?

  • Do businesses still see the need for REAL commercial photography, or are they happy with the local hobbyist? How does Tom “compete” with a market flooded with self-proclaimed photographers?
  • How does he generate clients? What activities & organizations generate leads, then paying clients?
  • What remarkably simple practice does Tom use to stay “top of mind” when a company needs a Photographer?
  • Tom and I role-play common sales objections.
  • Tom explains his career pivot. Do you have a business or a hobby?
  • How is Tom utilizing video in his work–and why?
  • Tom’s tips for success.
  • How can you negotiate a fair price for your work . . . and use the “flinch principle” to your benefit?

Stay tuned through the end so that you can hear Tom’s perspective on giving back, and when it’s vital to the Photographer’s OWN well-being. Here is the link that I promise to the Help-Portrait Worldwide project. Check it out, Photographer, and see if you might lend a hand.

And speaking of doing good, you may have heard my previous conversation with Ashley Jones of Love Not Lost. It was Tom that introduced me and Ashley at Imaging USA 2016. Here’s the chat between Ashley and me.

If you’d like to see some of Tom’s work, or connect with him via the Inter-webs, you can find him HERE.

And if you’d like to read one of my favorite business books, all about giving back, click the link below to grab a copy of The Go-Giver.

Photographer: 20 Minutes Per Day for Better Productivity, Mood, and Creativity. Here’s How.

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