Trey & Elizabeth Homan and The Adventure of Family Portraiture

Trey & Elizabeth Homan and The Adventure of Family Portraiture

Every politician or contestant on a dating show will espouse “the importance of the family.” Yet so many portrait photographers will NOT–when it comes to the work they create!

Are you a portrait photographer who is intimidated by the prospect of photographing a large family group? If so, you might be neglecting one of the most lucrative photography assignments on the market! [Don’t believe me? Listen to the conversation with Don MacGregor; link below. Incidentally–Don happens to be a mentor of Elizabeth–today’s guest.]

Trey & Elizabeth Homan from San Antonio, TX, join The PhotoTellers today . . . and it’s about time! They’re 2 dear friends, and they have a mountain of help to share with he/she who will listen. What can you expect from this conversation?

  • What are the common characteristics of portrait photographers who are doing well in business?
  • What are the most common newbie mistakes?
  • In growing a business, which road should you take: Shotgun Approach vs. Concentrated Effort?
  • How do you work through the burnout phase?
  • “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” How does this advice shape a business?

You’ll also hear about some AMAZING Places their camera has taken them–and how YOU, Photographer, can discover the places you should visit and photograph.

Have you wanted to escape to Italy?! Here’s how you can!

GREAT NEWS! Since the original publication of this episode, the Homan’s book has been published. Here it is:

Follow the Homans, and be inspired by some fabulous portraiture:

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And the 2 interviews I’ve promised . . .

The stately Mr. Don MacGregor, and

The Find Your Focus interview with the illustrious Mr. Cris Duncan

And you heard mention of Mr. Bert Behnke. Great conversation HERE.


Elizabeth & Trey Homan on The PhotoTellers

Elizabeth & Trey Homan on The PhotoTellers

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