Does Your Walk Match Your Talk?

Today’s episode is examining our expectations and our effort, and seeing if our walk truly matches up with our talk.

As we go on our separate personal development journeys towards greater peace, health, wealth, clarity, relationships….whatever it is….it’s important to check in with ourselves and be truly honest as to whether we hold expectations and intentions about the results we’d like to see in our lives, that don’t end up matching with the effort we’re putting in.

Looking at my Instagram account today, I saw photos of people who had accomplished truly amazing physical transformations. One person had even lost 100 pounds over the course of a couple of years.

That’s an entire person!

The amount of reps that go into a transformation like that are incredible. To accomplish that type of shift you must alter almost every part of your life.

For those of us inspired to experience more abundance and love in our life, are we expecting 100lb results without putting in 100lb effort?

I’m asking that question to you today and diving into what it means to have your walk match your talk.

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