Wellness is not optional

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While helping you having more fun than anyone else you know is the core purpose of this podcast and site, there is one core underlying theme that’s a bit more serious. Wellness. If you’re not feeling well physically, mentally and spiritually, having fun becomes much more difficult – maybe impossible.

So how do any of us get a handle on just how “well” we really are?

Wellness Inventory: Personal Wellness ProgramAs with anything, some kind of a well defined process and a scorecard are essential. Fortunately for the Intentionally Vicarious community, such a process and scorecard are available. Not only that, the process itself is really, really simple to implement. it’s just three steps:

  1. Experience a unique whole-person self-assessment
  2. Create Personalized action steps based on your results
  3. Sustain improvement with easy-to-use tools and support

All of this is available from our friends at WellPeople.com.

The WellPeople process develops whole-person well-being including 12 dimensions of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It’s extremely well-thought-out and is based on the innovative work of wellness visionary, John Travis, MD, MPH. He is legitimately a founding father of the whole wellness movement.

I personally found that the assessment alone got me thinking about several things I can (make that will!) do to improve my own wellness. And of course you know I’m already having more fun than you! 🙂 I can prove it with my IV Score!

Check out the Wellness Inventory right here. It’s well worth the effort.

Intentionally Vicarious is proud to have WellPeople as one of our affiliates.

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