Why Photographers Should Patronize The Local Camera Store

Why Photographers Should Patronize The Local Camera Store

Very few people have been more helpful to Photographers than Bill Porter, Owner of Arlington Camera. If you don’t know Bill and his staff, you’re missing out on a TREMENDOUS resource to Photographers! If you haven’t yet, today’s PhotoTellers conversation is your chance to meet him!

Bill kindly sat down at Texas School 2016 to talk a little about the School, his 18 years of involvement there, and the work that Arlington Camera is doing. Here are a few questions Bill answers:

  • With the ease of online ordering, why patronize a local camera store?
  • Why is Arlington Camera growing while so many other camera stores are dying?
  • What makes Texas School unique? What can a first-timer expect?
  • Why do Photographers wait an entire year to buy their new gear at Texas School?

Learn more, and take advantage of the local camera store that can serve Photographers all over the United States, by CLICKING HERE. Or see what others are saying on FACEBOOK.

And a very special thanks to today’s sponsor! Click the logo to see what 1,000+ Photographers love about Texas School.

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