Trevor & Faye Yerbury on Fine Art Nude Photography

Trevor & Faye Yerbury on Fine Art Nude Photography

In 1864, your great-grandfather started a portrait photography business in Scotland. Four generations later, you’re at the helm of the family business.

You’ve been internationally recognized for your portrait, wedding, and fine art nude work.

You’re Trevor Yerbury, and along with your wife Faye, the two of you are still undertaking ambitious projects.

The Yerburys graciously gave their time for this conversation on The PhotoTellers. What can you expect to learn?

  • What do they find exciting in photography today?
  • More details about his family’s business, including the 4 years of Trevor’s apprenticeship
  • Faye’s 2 words of advice for the working photographer
  • The photographers that Trevor & Faye most admire
  • Why they maintain that nude photography is the most difficult
  • After all these years, Trevor has NEVER been bored with the work! He explains
  • Why do they still utilize vintage printing techniques?
  • Learn about the workshops they offer, and how you can be one of the few people in attendance
  • Tips for working with a nude model

You’ll also learn about the exciting new book they’re publishing–the first of its kind for the Yerburys! Click the cover below, and see how you can support the book!

See more of the Yerbury’s beautiful work HERE, and learn more about their work with other photographers HERE.

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