Your Photo Lab Speaks to Your Business

Your Photo Lab Speaks to Your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “bird’s eye view” of the Photo industry? Mike Hanline, Co-Owner/CEO of White House Custom Color, does.

Mike was kind enough to sit down at Texas School and help us understand:

  • What questions should a Photographer ask when shopping for a professional lab?
  • How does professional paper print differently than most papers?
  • Trends in Photography
  • The method that “astute Photographers” are using to stay ahead. They’re not focused on _______, but instead, ________.
  • What the clients of WHCC specifically love about White House

Just as you, Photographer, see the same scene differently than another Photographer, your Photo Lab sees your images differently than another Lab. Invest a few minutes to see how White House Custom Color sees your work. They’re glad to print 5 free prints for you. Start the process by clicking here:


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